Castles Estate Agents – The story of our Logo… 

…In a nutshell

It all started back in 1981

When the directors got together back in 1981 and gave birth to Castles Estate Agents – the aim was simple… to create a network of ‘strategically positioned’ branches and go ‘above and beyond’ to help people move.

As our ‘eye catching’ marketing has evolved over the years, our logo has also seen some ‘very subtle’ changes but one thing remains original – the Old English lettering that spells out Castles Estate Agents on all our sold boards and attractive shopfronts.


We’ve always been original

The logo we use today remains true to the Castles Estate Agents logo that was created back in 1981, it has become a symbol of trust and a guarantee of great service – built on a great local reputation.

Brand Identity – Integrity, reliability and trust

We believe that every great brand needs its identity, especially when they spend a fortune on advertising and marketing.  

Imagine if brands like Coca Cola and Guinness changed their logo, it just wouldn’t work.

For over 30 years we’ve worked extremely hard for all our clients and this is why we have a great reputation for helping people move.  We believe that our logo for Castles Estate Agents is a guaranteed sign of trust, integrity and reliability.

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